Publish Kinetic Dashboard for Client Inventory

We are plan on making a kinetic dashboard and giving customers access exclusively to the dashboard built to display their finished goods inventory.

We know the license count with Epicor is discrete and costs money for additional users, and scaling this is not feasible. We want to see if our customers want something like ECC before committing to any of those types of solutions.

Has anyone done something similar or made an employee epicor account that has extremely limited access scope? Our controller’s number one concern is ensuring the ability to lock the customeraccount to a set of dashboards and only those dashboards.

This was inspired by something I heard about at insights.

We don’t have an account like that, but we do have a “Ready Only” security group that only has access to trackers/reports for our sales people. It would be pretty easy to create a “customer” Epicor login and assign them that security group. You could even tailor it more to only show the specific dashboards you want them to see.

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Are you able to let them see only a select set of trackers/reports or do they see everything in that category?

The way we set up our securities here is extremely granular–it’s down to the very menu item.
We have one security group called “Cost Adjust” that literally only allows the Cost Adjustment menu item.

Just to confirm aaron, if you wanted an account to only see a single report, you have the ability to do so?

Yessir, it’s possible.
Just be aware you may have to redefine all of your current securities to accommodate this new one, depending on how you have yours currently configured.

So, here’s an example of our security setup on each menu leading down to the Customer Master.
In order for this to work, you need to remove the “Allow Access to All Groups/Users” checkbox on everything and only allow the security groups that you want to have access to.

Alternatively, if you’re doing it for this one “Customer” login, you can go through the menus and set it to Disallow on everything except the ones you want them to have.

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