Pull standard cost in a PART BAQ

Hey Epic-Gang,
I wrote a BAQ to pull all parts information for connection to CPQ for pricing and Method of manufacure stuff. My problem is I can’t seem to get the Standard material cost from Cost Adjustment into a BAQ. Does anyone know where that is stored?
When I do field level help the table is “Cost”, I think that is a database view which I don’t have access to in BAQ.

I think you’d be looking for Erp.PartCost

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You ROCK, thanks!!!

Do you have more than one “cost set”? If so, you’ll need a gnarly join from the Plant table, in order to get just the one in use for that site.

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Hi @ToryD - Would you be able to show your snap code on how you got this to work? Thanks!

Sorry for the delay, I was on PTO.

The question and code above is more about creating the BAQ in Kinetic than accessing the information from the subsequent Table that gets created in CPQ. I am personally not writing the SNAP code for accessing tables in CPQ as of yet, my assistant is doing that part. I will have him step in with some samples later today.