Pulling in additional data when you cannot add to RDD?

Hi All,


I need to pull payment information into a Time and Materials AR Invoice.
I thought it would be easy enough to just add CashDtl into a copied RDD of ARForm but it turns out that it’s already listed as a report table even though there is never any information in the XML for CashDtl. I cannot add a second CashDtl (it tells me that it would create a duplicate) and I cannot delete CashDtl to read it (looks like you cannot delete tables where SystemFlag = true).

So now I feel like I’m stuck.

My question is, has anyone come across this type of scenario, where you need to pull in data by cannot add it to the RDD, and if so, did you find a work around?

My thought is to add an ODBC connection to the report to get what I need, but then it will require the user to type in the ODBC password each time (I suspect).

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So you did create a copy of the RDD?

You should be able to change the excluded fields to add the needed items.


Thanks for the reply Brad.

I created a copy of the ARForm RDD.
The issue is not that there are missing fields from CashDtl that I need to add. The problem is that CashDtl, and CashHead for that matter, never have any data in the XML file even when there is associated payments against the invoice.

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Are the cash head and detail tables marked as definition only or are they
marked for output?


Try building a new relationship to the cashdtl and mark it as output. Not sure if it will let you do that or not.

I’ve never had much luck adding fields to RDD’s

My quick (and dirty cheat) was to make an ODBC based subreport that would take data from the RDD as input parameters.

When we were on V8 used ODBC reports alot. They never asked for user ID and password. But that might have been a Progress OpenEdge 10.1b thing.