Pulling values from PCValueSet into a configurator session


We are new to Epicor and are in the process of building a product configurator. I would like some help with the coding for pulling back information/values from the PCValueSet table into a configurator session. For example, when a user save an order line from a configurator session, i would like the information from the last saved configurator session to populate the configurator so that user can then change one or two values for the next order line. Would this be possible?

Or is it possible to copy a configurable order line onto the next order line and then reconfigured it? this is to save some time for user having to key in all the information again as its likely that most of the order lines will have similiar information with only a few differences. any help would be very much appreciated.

Hello Natasha,

I’ve never done it in Sales Order Entry but we do it a lot in Quote Entry. You can create the whole order in the Order and import it OR you could do one, then copy one line in at a time and then change it in the Sales Order.

Mark W.



Order Entry does not have a copy/duplicate line function like Quote Entry does. I suppose it has to do with releases and keeping everything straight along those lines.

However, we (like @Mark_Wonsil) start everything with a Quote, and within quote entry there is a
‘copy line’ function that does indeed copy the configuration along with the line to make entry of slightly different parts easy.


@Mark_Wonsil thank you for your reply. I have started the process with a quote and was able to copy the line in the quote rather than in Order Entry

@MikeGross thank you very much for your reply. The copy function in the the Quote Entry function well for our requirement. Many thnaks.


Good to hear it!!

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