Purchase Order Approval

We have multiple ‘buyers’ in the system. “Buyer A” is set up with a $10k limit, and has their Approval Person set to “Buyer B”. “Buyer B” is also in the Authorized Users for “Buyer A”.

“Buyer A” created a PO for $11,500, which is now showing as “Pending”. But, when “Buyer B” opens up PO Approval, he cannot find that pending PO anywhere. Clicking the binoculars and hitting Search returns no results. If we select “Buyer A” from the Buyer dropdown and hit refresh, nothing happens.

What are we possibly overlooking here?

Check who is the approval person for Buyer A under Buyer setup

That was the first thing I checked. “Buyer B” is listed as the Approval Person.

How do you link an ERP user to a “Buyer”?

For example, if my user is jonathan and I open PO Approval, which “buyer” pending approvals should I see?

Maybe this is what you are missing.

Joe is the ‘Approval Person’ for Jena. Joe is set up as a buyer which is linked to a person/contact ID that corelates to him. However, I don’t know exactly how to link a Buyer to an ERP User (User Account Sec Maint)…perhaps that is what I am missing?

EDIT: There was no Company or Employee set for Joe In User Acct Sec > Company > Detail…so I set those, and we are still not able to see the pending POs in PO Approval.

@jhecker Is Buyer B (the approver) an authorized user for Buyer A’s buyer ID?

In Buyer Maintenance, there is an “Authorized User” tab. Add the ERP users who can act as that user. (Similar to Work Force Entry)


That was it. I thought it was redundant to add Joe as an authorized user for Joe, but it makes sense now that I actually put some thought into it. (IE: Buyer Joe <> User Joe)


Is there any way other than BPM, where approver can approve a PO?

Purchase Order Entry. Click the box that says Unapproved.

Automation Studio can too, but that’s a BPM/Function under the hood.