Purchase order Management report

Does anybody know how I can tackle this project.

Let's say we have a job for a top level part. It consists of multiple subassemblies. The top level part and the subassemblies all have their raw material requirements.

We order the raw materials based on the time phase material report which tells us when we need to order those raw materials to meet the start date of the different parts.

Now, lets say that one of the raw materials, either for the top assembly or a subassembly, will be delivered late because our supplier had some issues. This ultimately means that the top level part will also be late because we won't have the material requirements to produce it.

Since we can't finish the entire job, we don't want to start it until we are sure that all material will arrive when needed.

In order to manage our inventory, we want to take all the orders for raw materials for that part and have them move the due date back so we don't have all this material here taking up space and we don't spend the money on it before we need to. Since we don't necessary purchase material to the job, the timephase might not tell us which orders to push back.

Is there a way for vantage to tell us what orders need to be pushed back?
Is there a way to create a report that can tell us what orders we need to push back?


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