Purchase Orders & Tax IVA

The best way I can think of to do this would be to add a miscellaneous
charge to each line item that you need to add Sales Tax to. Call the Misc.
Charge 'Sales Tax' and then calculate it to be the (Line Total Price * .15).
This will print on the PO for each line item.
I need to add a field for sales tax to our Crystal PO. In Mexico everything
is taxed at 15%. Invoices are okay, but I'm not sure how I can show a 15%
IVA (sales tax) on my Purchase Orders. I want to show it on each line item
and as a total . I thought about just using a calculation ((Unit cost *
Qty) * .15), but I am looking for a field that would have a % for sales
taxes you pay as a company. Ver 4 - Vantage.

Thank you for your help.
Nancy Dunn
Winco Industries Inc.