Purchase price errors

When making an inventory purchase we are finding that our purchaser doesn’t always enter the correct price on the purchase order. When the invoice comes in we override the price when we sync the invoice with the purchase order. We can see that Epicor makes an inventory adjustment entry which I assume corrects the cost in the financials but it doesn’t seem to go back and change the purchase price for the inventory.

Should we be going back into the purchase order and changing the price before we enter the invoice? Can we do that after the inventory has been received and the receipt is posted?

What is the correct way to handle this from both a financial AND an inventory standpoint. The owners are telling me the inventory value is wrong.

Hi Lynn,

We also have same issue, but we go to each part and change the cost to correct price since there is no way to correct inventory cost after receipts time…

Only other way I know of is “unreceive”, change PO price to corrected cost, and then receive back again…

If you find a way, please let me know too…

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You can allow a supplier price update at the time of receipt/prior to invoicing.

The setting to allow this on the Company config > Materials > Shipping/Receiving

Be sure to test it though. I cannot remember if it updates the PO line or not.

This avoids having to unreceive and re-receive items.

I would think this could then be put into an updateable dashboard as well.


We do the unreceive change price and re-receive here when we can. However if you’ve already run the COS/WIP Capture and the receipt you are unreceiving is in a prior fiscal period, this will cause your Received Not Invoiced report to be out of balance with the General Ledger. Then it’s best to just correct the cost in inventory.


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Good point Tim… thx,

Thanks Brad,

The issue here is that PO cost is NOT matching to vendor invoice that we get few days/weeks later after material has being received.

Sound like what you are describing will update supplier part cost correct ? not the standard or moving avg. cost ?

The Allow the Supplier Price update I mentioned should do the same thing as the unreceive and receive steps for costing.

So the PO Receipt cost will update in the system and the average cost will be updated.

I cannot remember if this causes a mis-match between the PO line price and PO receipt price. The invoice will be driven by the Receipt price.


Thanks all, I will share this with the Owners.