Purchase requisition

In E9 when user created a purchase requisition with 2 to 3 lines, after all the approval done, user will go and generate suggestions. After finish generating, user will click on New PO suggestions and one new PO will created for 3 lines. Whereas in E10, if it is same scenario, system will create multiple PO based on how many lines that we have created in PR.

Hi Shantanu,

In our version of E10.1.600.20 it works similarly to E9 in that all Requisition lines coming from same vendor get made into a single PO when buy on the multiple lines is selected and generate purchase order for all gets done. I checked to ensure that due date far off didn’t cause new PO in a test, and the requisition below with multiple lines, same vendor, multiple due dates processed all onto one PO at “buy/ generate”. Note, you do NOT need to run generate PO suggestions (nor MRP ) to get the suggestions made for the Requisition lines. They automatically become new PO suggestion at time of “send to purchasing” by Req approver.


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I believe the Buyer and Ship Via must be the same as well.

Cross check the below values in the new PO suggestion, all should be same.

  • Terms
  • Buyer ID
  • Ship Via