QA Bug

We have the quality module and have been using it for some time, though we
only use it when we have to because it is rather cumbersome for our

Regardless, the problem we found last week is this:

We purchased 100 pieces of material, and the PO price is $34/100 (as opposed
to $34 each), so the items are received to the job as 100 pieces with a
total value of $34.

We realized that the pieces were defective, so we created a nonconformance
to remove them from the job and to move them to inspection. When we create
the nonconformance for the 100 pieces, the system somehow loses the /100
pricing and it automatically creates a MAT-INS transaction in the amount of
$3400. As we proceed to inspection and reject the material and then to DMR
and reject the material, this $3400 gets carried through to the INS-DMR and
DMR-REJ transactions. Vantage support got back to me that this is a bug and
there is not ETA on when it will be fixed.

My call# was 632147.

For your Information,