Qty Bearing Detail tab and Sites tab

What is the purpose of having a Qty Bearing checkbox on Part Entry form on both the Detail tab and the Sites tab, and why are the not synced automatically?

There are several fields like this on Part and PartSite. Part Type is a good example. I could make the part at one site but it’s a buy part (Transfer Order) from the other site. For Qty bearing, one site may stock the parts in one site and consume them in a bin/reserve method once shipped to another site.

This is what we do for vendor managed inventory. For 1 site its VMI and not quantity bearing, but if another site needs the part its sent via TO and inventory is quantity bearing in that other site.

They sync down, but not up. Whatever value (true/false) you have set at the Part level will copy down when you create a new Site for the part.