Quality Assurance / Customer Complaints

This is one for the Midwest User Group, March Meeting attendees who sat in
on the Quality Assurance breakout session.

I have been trying to figure out how to log customer complaints, which are
not a RMA.

Here is what may work, in my case I use Lot Tracking.

In Quality Assurance / Non Conformance Entry:
Create an Inventory non conformance for a QA bin called "Complaints", you
are creating a negative balance for the part & lot in inventory. You can
also use inventory reason code to filter report builder reports besides the
QA bin or create sub groups or types of complaints. Use the comment field
for the detail information. Then turn right around and in Inspection
processing pass it back to inventory removing the negative onhand balance.

The nonconformance table (NONCONF) has a system date & time stamp build in.

Patrick Winter
sSc Specialty Screw Corporation
Vantage 5.00.317, Progress 9.1a