When we have a product going through our manufacturing line and there is a quality issue, how does everyone handle doing this when it have to go to a different “dept” to get fixed? Do you add in a new operation?

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I mostly depends on the level of detail you want to keep around for later analysis. Six months from now, do you want to see that there is a “rework” operation (which tells you at a glance a problem existed, and may have additional documentation or comments attached), or do you just want the original operation to get more time clocked onto it? Either way will capture the cost and time, but using a Rework (or other added op) lets you be more granular in your analysis.

If you’re in a regulated industry, there also may be guidelines.

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Thanks for the reply. It would be nice to look back at these down the road to track $'s and time taken to rework. Watch for problem areas we need to fix or get better at, etc. We could have 5+ reason why we would need to rework a piece because of quality and would be nice to have these separated as well if possible.

Once you create the Rework operation on the job, you can disposition the DMR to “Accept - Job Operation” and you have the blank slate of an op to play with. Make sure your operators know that they have to do so they can clock in correctly, select the appropriate Reason Codes, and do whatever else your Quality processes require!

Ok, to track cost of rework and time is this the easiest and best way to accomplish rework items that go outside the normal operating process? Does epicor then re-consider the time it takes to be finish?

In your Company Configuration, make sure the checkbox under Production > QA labeled “Move Costs to DMR” is CHECKED. When that checkbox is enabled, the cost of the parts comes off the job, moves into DMR when they’re failed through inspection, then moves back ONTO the job during the Accept - Job Operation process. The additional time on the Rework operation is added to the job cost through normal channels. The Rework Reason Code can (optionally) have a different GL code if your Finance team so desires. Is it the “easiest and best” way? That all depends on who’s defining what “easiest and best” means. It’s the easiest and best way to get the data that you’ll want… but it creates some pain for the folks who need to create the rework op, communicate that to the people who disposition the DMR, and then also for the operators who will be doing a likely different-than-normal process. THEY won’t think it’s easy!

:smile: Understood, the way we do it now is not the easiest so they are use to it.