Quantity on BTO line of PO

Is there a way to change the qty on a PO line that is for a BTO order line? It defaults to (and cannot be changed) the Qty on the Order’s release, which might not match the selling qty of the supplier.

Say an order has a BTO line for (40) of an item, but the supplier only sells in qty’s of 50.

We’d like the PO to be for 50. All 50 will be expensed to the Order. The other 10 would be thrown into our non-valued “junk” (for non-order related things like building maintenance).

Or even if the total need was for the suppliers selling amount, but in multiple releases that add up to the Suppliers qty. For example, an order with a BTO line of qty of 50, but in two releases or 25 each, creates one PO line, but with two releases. Because the supplier only sells in qty’s of 50, they’d have to overship the first release by 25, and short the second by 25.

Just add an additional release to the PO with the additinoal needed quantity as ToStock. I believe the BTO Link is only at the release level so you can add the difference (supply qty) as a different release on the PO (same line).

Then Create the BTO Line

Then add an additional release (non BTO) for whatever difference you want to bring in

Now the Line Reflects your Total of (30) (10 BTO and 20 not)

Looks like this will work. Thanks.

One caveat for us, the GL account for the extra release will have to be manually set to a SHOP SUPPLIES account. Because we have a BPM, that automatically sets the Part Class on BTO parts, so that the BTO account is hit unpon PO Receipt.

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You should be able to make a BPM that checks for part class and Buy For and then set the GL accordingly on the PO itself.

That was my first attempted solution. I had many problems trying to set the GL directly. Setting the Part Class was the only thing that worked reliably.

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