Query Calculated Field - Round Up

How can I get a calculated display field to RoundUp in the BAQ I am building? Seems to be not so simple…

Round down after adding 0.499999 to the value being rounded

Round(10.0+0.4999999) -> 10
Round(10.1+0.4999999) -> 11
Round(10.9+0.4999999) -> 11

Note that this rounds “up” as in a larger value
Round(-10.0+0.4999999) -> -10
Round(-10.1+0.4999999) -> -10
Round(-10.9+0.4999999) -> -10

Thank you Calvin, what do I enter in the editor area?

round(decimalFieldToBeRounded + 0.49999, 0)

Make sure the calc field type is Int

Edit: cal field does not have to be int.

Thank you Calvin, works perfectly!!! Guess I was over complicating it…

While not explicitly listed in the functions in the Calc Field Editor,

ceiling(yourValue); does the same.

Thank you for this little hint!! Exactly what I needed.