Query execution failed for dataset

Hi - I am trying to modify the existing SSRS report but getting an error. This used to work before and all the permissions are exactly the same as they were when the report was created. Help would be much appreciated.



Typically this is from the Data SOURCE being changed. If you upload the report using the Report Style screen, it normally fixes this for you.

Another thing to verify is to check the datasetname of your main Tablix - i have seen when you try to drag a field from a secondary dataset to your main tablix - the main tablix will have it’s datasetname changed to the secondary dataset.

Hi Jason,
Upload report option is not showing for this report, may be because this was custom build from scratch.

Hi Dave,
I have not done any modification yet, I wanted to view report before I could do any changes and the error came up.

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Since it was built from scratch, you can remove any datasets you aren’t using and remove references to tables that aren’t needed. In this case one of your datasets is looking for the Company table. It is likely you don’t need it.

It is fixed now. Thanks Jason