Question: Mass Update Job MTL with new Primary Vendor

We have a situation in which we load a BOM and we might not order the parts loaded for 9 months.

We’ve run across issues where this is causing us to order from old vendors b/c they were the primary at the time of the load to bom, not the PO Suggestion.

Is there default process to make these changes, or do I have to create some kind of UpdatableBAQ or something along those lines?


PS: Goal is to simplify this process such that our procurement or engineering teams don’t have to touch each of these parts one at a time via scanning the job mtl list (or the purchasers realize that they need to order from different vendor)

A couple of ways to do this.

  1. With a scheduled function if you have them or uBAQ if not to update any JobMtl that does not match the Part vendor.

  2. Post processing on GetRowsPlant which is the method called when the New PO Suggestion screen is opened compare the Suggestion Vendor to the Part Vendor and update the suggestion.