Question on JRockit Installation Guide

When the direction say:

a. For OpenEdge 10.x - The following instructions will update the JRE
for Vantage 8.x installations only. For installation instructions for
Vantage 6.x, see section 4.a above.

1. Locate the \epicor\oe100b\jre directory on your server

2. Copy or zip the contents of both the \bin and \jre directories in
order to retain a backup of your existing Java Runtime Environment.

Does step 2 mean to copy both the \epicor\oe100b\bin folder and the
\epicor\oe100b\jre folder or does it just mean to copy the
\epicor\oe100b\jre folder?

Because there is a \bin folder in the jre folder and the oe100b folder,
I am getting a little confused.


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