Question on Report Builder and Reordering Job Traveler Sections

We are in the middle of implementation of Cloud Kinetic and I am working on some report updates. One of the requests has been to reorder the operations/subassembly/materials sections on the traveler to better match our current travelers. Granted, I’m just getting back up to speed in Report Builder after a long gap, but I cannot see in Report Builder how the Traveler_RawMaterialComponents.rdl and the Traveler_SubComponents.rdl subreports are included in the traveler.

Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks!

Often subreports are on a line shrank in size. For example, looks like Traveler_RawMaterialComponents is about 3 inch down the base Job Traveler on a line with a size of only 0.03 - very hard to see. One tactic is to zoom in on the report in order to locate the subreport; and if need be expand the line that the subreport is on until you are finished working with that line. Hope that makes some sense.