Quick and dirty installl guide for 2 servers (app and DB)

Well, I want to keep my development environment as similar to my live
environment as possible. so yeah, I want to split up the 2 servers.

Right now I am using vmware to try and convert p2v my servers and then i
will just change the IPs and names. we shall see if that works.

if that doesnt work, maybe i will just do a single server install.

On Fri, 30 Sep 2011 08:29:41 -0400
Waffqle <waffqle@...> wrote:
Honestly, the install guide is one the Epicor's better
documents anymore. I
don't mean to sound like a smart ass, but there aren't
really any major
issues with it. If you take your time and read everything
you should end up
with a clean working install.

Now if you trying for something more exotic than a normal
--splitting your app and db server, loading multiple
versions side-by-side,
etc-- I retract my earlier statements.

On Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 10:22 PM, roadhazard6803

> **
> You can download the install guide, but that guide is not
> There are a bunch of steps left out, the steps are out of
> Data block sizes are not spelled out.
> UOM will cause you pain, or just not work at all.
> We have be working on upgrading to epicor 9 since
>perspectives last year
> and luckily have a full test server to try it on and find
>all the errors.
> If I am correct you have to go 9.05 then 9.06 or else it
>won't work at all.
> I don't recall exactly, since I personally only went
>through it once and it
> blew up in my face because all the steps that were
>incorrect or missing.
> My boss has been working on it and correcting the install
>guide since then.
> Plus each step we clone the drive off so we can go back
>on if it doesn't
> work.
> Hopefully we will have a corrected install guide to give
>to Epicor when we
> go to perspectives next year.

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