Quick Job Entry for parts set that are normally purchased

Hello…we have sub components that we normally purchase from a long lead time vendor, but when we can’t get what we need soon enough, we will fabricate the sub component ourselves. Each of these “purchased” parts has an approved revision.

We have our part type set to “Purchased” and can enter a job manually or use Kanban receipts, but we can’t use Quick Job Entry?

Does anyone know if there’s a setting or field in the part table that allows me to use Quick Job on a Purchased part that has an approved revision?


Make It a manufactured part. This way you can make it as a job if you need to or buy it on a PO as a subcontract op (with the appropriate lead time so that you can purchase it “on-time”).

Thanks for the response Charlie. We wanted to set the part to “Purchased” because that’s what we normally do and we want to see it in the PO Suggestions by default.

As a subcontract op, you would see it in the PO suggestions. If you can’t get it in time, you can change the job to add the subcomponent as a sub assembly or add it as a material and make the sub component to stock. There are a number of ways of handling it as a manufactured part.


Thanks Charlie.

Whatever you do. Remember to make sure you have a good lead time on the part.