Quick Search - Auto populate field

Not sure if this is even possible, but thought I ask.

I created a quick search that prompt the PartNum. I can type in the partnum and hit search to get the data pulled in this quick search. Is it possible to populate/auto fill the PartNum from the original form into that quick search?

If you have the value you need to “search” for, why not just use (Or create) an “Open with…” ?

It is possible, but then you will have 20-100 lines of code where you are invoking the QuickSearch Form yourself.

Thanks. I had not tried “Open With”, but will take a look.

You should also check out the use of an InfoZone with BAQ Markup as it will return essentially the same data as a quick search and can be configured (with the Markup) to filter the BAQ results based on data in the form - in your case Part Number.

Thanks. Will test that out as well.