Quick Search for GL Segement Number

I’m trying to make a Quick Search for the General Ledger Report’s segment filter, so the user can select the division(s) they want reported.

The default Segment Number filter search shows the codes for all defined segments. I want to display just the codes for our Division segment (seg number 2).

I can get the search to prompt the user for the Code, and it properly filters on that code. BUT it returns all segments matching that code. And since our Div and Dept segments are both two chars, it selects Dept segments too.

How can I have the Quick search filter on the Segment number too?

Followup question …

Does a Table Criteria in the BAQ affect the the final outcome of a Quick search? Or just the displayed values in the Quick search?

The BAQ for my Quick Search has a Table Criteria to only select COASegValues.SegmentNbr = 2

Yet when the Quick Search returns to the GL Report window, there are also entries in the Segment Number Filter table for COASegValues.SegmentNbr = 3