Quick Search for PO Line to include Comments

Hello all,

When entering receipt lines, I would like the user to be able to see the comments associated with the PO Line from within the Line search.

This seems like an ideal scenario for a Quick Search but I can’t make it work. Can someone guide me on the most straight forward method to get comments into this line search?

Here are a couple screenshots of my attempts at a QuickSearch. I save the search, but it is not available in the receipt line context.

and my simple BAQ:

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Not sure if its the problem, but you use the condition “BEGINS”, for a numeric field. Try changing the condition to one of the numeric comparitors (=, >, <, >=, etc …)

After looking at it a bit more, a QuickSearch may not work.

The Line/Rel… search in Receipt Entry returns two values. The Line and the Release. Quick Search only ever returns one value

Hmmm…I was coming to that conclusion as well. Thanks. Guess I better think of another approach.

are you trying to just view the PO line comments so that the receiver double checks specifics?

You might want to make a BPM that just copies the PO Line comments to the RcvDtl. You might have to create a UD field, as I don’t recall if the RcvDtl has a field for comments.

There are two issues you need to overcome -

  1. You need to have the Quick Search Available in your Search Context. To do that, you need to make sure that the BAQ has a BAQ Search Like Column that matches the Context Key on the Quick Search definition form - in your case RcvDtl.POLine. In the BAQ definition form, have a look at the On-Line Help and the “BAQ Search” Sheet.

  2. When a standard Search returns multiple columns, you can usually use a Return Column in the Quick Search of SysRowID for the record that would normally have two fields returned. Most of the searches have been updated to work with the Quick Search when it returns the single value for SysRowID. It is also possible to set that field to not display in the grid even though it is part of the BAQ Results. On the Display Fields Sheet, select the Field Attribute Editor and then add a new attribute to the SysRowID - manually enter “IsHidden” and set the Value to True. SysRowID can then be used as the Return Column even though it is not displayed in the Search Grid.


Hi Alice,

Did you manage to get this to work? I’m looking to do a similar thing but instead of CommentText, I’m looking to have VendorPartNum there.


Did anyone ever get this to work? @Rich I tried to return the sysrowID for porel and it put it in the porel field on receipt entry.

I am also trying to add a field to this- line description.