Quick Ship - Company Address cannot be null and Fedex Registration Error

We are setting up Quick ship and are getting few weird errors following the setup instructions.

  1. After we add UPS and try to register it tells us that the company address cannot be null. there is an address.

  2. After we enter FedEx or FedEx Freight we get and general error message… not helpful.

Has anyone seen these errors or what the mean? We had a ticket wit h support once and didn’t help much but going to try again with support.


Do you have an address in the facilities setup? I believe that is the one that is used when registering with UPS and FedEx.

Yews we do, support gave me a few things to check so I will see if that helps and report back.

I worked with a consultant and learned many things that are not in the instructions or very clear.

  • Fed Ex issue is with the Fed Ex their test environment; he said keep trying and it will work. And it did.

  • UPS - Fixed the company info in Quick Ship and now working.