QuickShip 2023.2.2

Anybody used the auto updater to go to QuickShip 2023.2.2? We had to for a breaking issue with a Mexican shipment.

Long story short, the autoupdater has broken the environment. Has anybody seen this? Any thoughts?

5 bucks says our support ticket is going to suggest professional services. 1000 bucks says I will not be ok with that answer.


Despite the error, I cannot login at all. There are new login options:
The legacy DB way wont work as it doesnt display our registration codes

The Epicor Identity way does nothing, but then again we dont have it implemented.

Sorry for the headache @Chris_Conn , we did not update yet.

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Hey @Chris_Conn
I’ve not used Quick Ship so I don’t have much to offer apart from the URL…. It seems to refer to UAT, so maybe it’s similar to UK tax reporting where there is a checkbox to tell it to run in sandbox mode, or the update just overwrote the URL.

Thinking it would explain bad credentials warning and the missing registration code?

@Chris_Conn The auto did not work for me tonight, so I went with the upgrade process in the QS 2023.2 Upgrade Guide. There are some new ,Net requirements and I had to logon to the desktop shortcut on the server first. Then I still got some errors like yours on my PC, but they cleared after I cleared my browsers cache.

2023.2 is very different looking.

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Hi all, I got this resolved, thought I am not sure what combination of steps were needed.

First, I upgraded 2022.2.9 to 2022.2.11. Still had issues.
Then I did a full install (over my existing QS DB) of 2023.2.2.

At that point I got the Company Setup screen. I ran that (with create procedures checked), then everything appeared to work.


Usually just need to clear browser cache when i see that error after upgrade