Quickship and ecm offline because app pool is dying

starting earlier today apppools have been dying and effecting rest services on Windows 2016. We had patched two weekends ago, so I don’t think it is related. I applied a .net 4.8 patch and that let shipping ship for an hour and then the app pools started dying again.

Any hints on where to start looking?

I have QS running on Server 2019 with the latest Server 2019 build and .NET update. Not seeing any issues as of yet. Updated a couple weeks ago now. Did you check all the app pool settings in IIS to make sure nothing get reset in the update?

And actually, I have all of our 10.2.600 infrastructure on 2019 except one app server with the API for a custom mobile app we run. Not seeing any issues anywhere.

My QS is 5.0.0 and I was going to limp with it until I got to 21.2 and 5.5, but I guess I will make that move tonight. None of our 2019 servers got this issue today only three 2016s, so I guess I will get started on moving it all to 2019.

We are running QS 5.5.1 for reference. With about 5 special hot fixes from support to fix issues we had with QS. I’m not certain if those fixes have been rolled into a released update. One of them we got from development last week even.

The upgrade from QS 5.0 to 5.4 and then 5.5.1 was really pretty easy. They changed a few settings in 5.4 so we had to reset those as they are lost in the upgrade. But outside that no issues.

@chaddb Turns out to my security vendor was killing off the apppools. Grrrr