QuickShip Pro LTL Carrier Rates

Is anyone using QuickShipPro’s ability to rate shop LTL Carriers? @kfierce?

We are on Manifest, and testing out Quick Ship Pro, but wasn’t sure how Quick Ship returns the carrier freight rates into Epicor.

Well you have the ability to load your own rates and I think they have an integration with C.H. Robinson.

Which feature are you talking about?

For some reason I remember someone saying they also had direct integrations with several carriers apart from using the C.H. Robinson Freight Quote tool, can anyone clarify?

We didn’t end up using their LTL yet because it wasn’t inclusive of our carrier mix. The C.H. Robinson freight quote tool had all of the carriers that we quote with, but you can’t use your own rates with them. You have to use the rates that Epicor gets with them. In other words, we have our own accounts with our carriers and they give us pricing based on those accounts. When we asked about being able to use our own accounts and rates with the freight quote tool they said that wasn’t possible. So we couldn’t use the tool.

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we’ve been watching this closely and talking with these guys for over a year - the rate shopping piece isn’t available YET, but the plan is to have it available with the update to QuickShip for Kinetic 2021.x in July.

The second they say it’s ready, we’re jumping ship form the old broken ‘Agile’ product line.

Quickship LTL works from a rate table. First, rate tables are very hard to get from carriers even the ones you have close relationships with. Try to get them before you purchase this module. Second, the tables change frequently especially fuel charges it would be difficult to maintain. Third, they do not allow any accessorial charges like lift gate etc to be loaded. Another important consideration is that BOL produced by quickship is very limited. Special instructions like lift gate, notifications , cannot pass thru and neither do special billing codes like collect third party. Quickship will tell you to log into the quickship website, bring up the pack, and manually modify which is too cumbersome for our dock workers. To resolve, we are trying to modify the packlist on customer shipment screen to produce a bol with the pro number returned from quickship and capture header misc charges like lift gate and collect trucking billing details from sales invoice. Had we understood the product before purchasing, we prob would have just also modified the pack to also produce a pro number since all the Quickship ltl mod is doing for us now is returning pro based on us preloading a range of pros given to us by the carrier.


Michelle - I thought it was more advanced than that. Granted I’ve not gotten into the technical details with them as I was waiting for the LTL integration. Now that they have a relationship with CH Robinson, I understood that QuickShip used the Robinson rate shopping engine for multi-carrier comparison.

As for the paperwork, I heard that same thing last year, so I’ll be sure to check all that out.

Thanks for the insight on what to look out for.

I’ve spoken to the quick ship team about this a few times, and again at insights this year.

LTL integration is limited to CH Robinson, the rest is still manually maintained through the rate files.

Quick ship is a must have when you have enough common carrier transactions, excellent solution with a lot of automation.
The LTL just is at there, too many carrier APIs to interface with.

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Our understanding is that the Quickship LTL module is a different package then the Quickship CH Robinson LTL Module. With that you must use CH Robinson negotiated rates not your own negotiated rates. Our understanding was also the might be a delay in getting paperwork up to 24 hours and we were never clear if we had to pay ch robinson booking fees. CH Robinson does not handle collect or third party shipments so we would have to find another solution for those shipments .
Im not sure why quickship cannot handle getting real time rates because “too may carrier APIs”. We also purchased Epicor ECC online ordering module which can interface to real time LTL rates up front. Saia freight has a freeware product called Linex TMS which allows us to interface not only with our negotitated saia rates but all our carriers. I dont want to come across negative as i am very impressed with Epicor overall. Quickship integration however is the one sore spot we have. Whatever Epicor is doing on the ECC side for shipping they should expand to the Kinetic shipping modules.


They can handle it, look at solutions like Kuebix and Freightview TMS (Owned by C.H. Robinson).

Those two TMS systems interface with a ton of carrier APIs.

I am sure quick ship can do it, they must not think people want it though.

@bderuvo @utaylor @micheleburns
Thanks for the information!!! It sounds like I need to dig around with the QuickShip folks (like I do with the ECM folks) until I find the person who can can explain all of the nuances with complete certainty. Perhaps that’s how I spend this week :slight_smile:

Bryan/Utah - do you both also use it for LTL shipments?

I’ve spoken with their team about adding this function. Let’s agree the focus of their dev efforts have been on the Kinetic uplift and new app enhancements. We should prioritize our ask for the LTL carrier integration.

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