Quotation Form

Hello Everyone ,
So , the same order acknowledgement form prints for quotation form too except for the title changes . If we would like to add the french translations to quotation form how do we add the condition so that it wont print when we print the order acknowledgement form . Also , how do we edit the title as its directly coming from table ?

The Quote Form (QuotForm) & Order Acknowledgement (OrderAck) are two separate forms (report styles) within Epicor. Depending on how they’re customized they may or may not look the same… but they are two separate things.

The displayed language is determined by the language assigned on the Customer record (by default). But, there is also a Language field on the Report Style record. I’ve never played with it (you’d need to test it out)… but I would assume you could set that field and it would overrule the customer language and always print that specific Report Style in that selected language.

Can you provide more information this? Not sure what you’re asking. You can edit/customize the title on the given Report Style .rdl files.

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