QUOTE --> Automatically Pull Latest Revision when quoting a part


Is there a way to automatically pull the latest revision letter when selecting a part to quote? I know it sounds simple for them to pull the drop down and select the revision, regardless is there some setting somewhere that does this?

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Default functionality on the Quote or Sales Order will pull the most recent approved revision by Effective Date. In practice, that means it will look at all Part Revision records that are approved, and select from those the one with the most recent Effective Date. Both of these fields are typically controlled by whoever does the Engineering function in your organization.

The “lettering” of the Revision Number does not play any part in the default process. To make it act that way, you’d need some type of customization (likely one or more BPMs).


Isn’t the logic that it will pick the revision that is approved and effective at the time of delivery based on the Need By date?

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Yup. I stand corrected (even though I’m actually sitting…)

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Our developer is writing a code that will notify us when a Quote turns into a sales order that doesn’t have an approved part. This is necessary for us for a number of a reasons, but in particular because we have similar parts, such as a curved bench, or a center arm, color, etc. that is slightly different in part number. So we have the parts put in to accommodate all the variations, but there may not been an approved method with it as it needs to be copied over when it is turned into a sales order. Our sales staff will not be engineering the orders, and our plan is to simply fire off a notification to the engineering dept. when this occurs.

My developer had stated to me that when we put in a part number at the quote level, since it doesn’t assign a revision automatically (at least at this stage) he cannot pull the approved status as it connected to the revision, since the part goes in without the revision the check is failed.

My 2nd assumption is that he will need to write the code to pull the revision number at the time of quote then… thoughts? Thanks in advance.

@josephp , what you are saying sounds like you would benefit from getting the configurator for your company. This allows you to create the MOM for an item based off of entry and accurately quote it. Instead of going down the customization route that would require your company to maintain it, I would look at the options Epicor can provide for you.

That being said, your developer should be able to look at the Part tables for the part number and see what exists for revisions on the part. He can pull back the valid revision or even alert the entry person that no revision exists.

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@jkane Thank you. We looked at the configurator and decided against it. Once we get this knocked-out, we should be in good shape. I agree, about looking at the part table, but he was saying that, at the quote level, the revision info was not readily assessible. I thought he might have to simply compare and go to the part level to find out that info. I will direct him to this post.

Thank you all!

He should be able to access any table through code or Epicor’s tools. He needs to use the Part table and join to the PartRev table.

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