Quote Entry & CRM Tasks

I’m looking for some input from others that have been using CRM Tasks in their Quote workflow. I’m currently trying to set up a few different Task Sets based on different estimated dollar values for the quotes. The Tasks Sets are mostly the same, except for an Approval task that would have different approvers depending on the dollar amount.

The Task Set on the Quote Header would be set by a BPM. No issue there.

What I want to do is have a few different Approval tasks with different Required Roles, and if you are an Authorized User on a WorkForce record that is of that role, you can complete the task. If not, it is not enabled.

Unfortunately it seems like the only field that has any effect on who can ‘Complete’ the Task is the Assigned To field. The Required Role doesn’t seem to do anything. Assigned To for all tasks defaults to the SalesPerson on the Quote. This is not necessarily who we want to be completing all the tasks.

Does anyone have experience in this area? I’m curious how others are using this feature set.

Thank you

If you have access to EpicCare, this knowledgebase explains a little about how tasks are assigned: “Sales Persons assignment to Quotes and Tasks” - KB0072259.

In one case I remember having similar problems getting users/roles to work.
I ended up creating a task set with generic tasks - and then building custom alerts with some logic that determined recipient(s) for each of the approval tasks. Not perfect but “good enough” for what I needed.

Thanks Bruce. Sounds very familiar. I’m thinking I will also need to settle for ‘good enough’.