Quote Entry Customisation Weirdness


I’m trying to do some light UI customisation on the Quote Entry screen, but keep coming up against the same issue.

All I’m doing is hiding elements so it’s more user friendly for the team.

But I’m finding a key UI element seems to vanish, name the highlighted section below.

When I select the grid below to customise it, the second I select it this UI element disappears and I can’t get it to return, which is a major issue as I’m trying to streamline the UI so they can generate quotes from one tab, which they can if this remains.

Is this a quirk that anyone’s come across before, is there a way of overcoming it? (Aside from just not touching that part of the UI whatsoever!)

If something is being hidden when you touch something, you may need to move one item just a bit so you can click on it, then make sure you click the item you want to see, then use properties to move it back. I’ve had to do this when I wanted to move an item to another group box, if I clicked the groupbox, it hid the item, so I had to make sure the item was the last one I clicked on. It can be a bit awkward.

Oh I’ve worked it out. I need to right click ‘send to back’ every time I click on the grid as it shifts focus.