Quote Entry form customization controls not deleting

Hi there
I am making a new customization based on an already customized Quote Entry form. When I copy one groupbox and the controls it contains to a new groupbox and then try to remove some of the controls from the copied box all seems good. However after saving the changes to a new customization / exitting and going back in the deleted controls are still there. Why is this?

Also I’ve noticed a send to back / bring to front option - could this be linked?


The “Copy and Paste” for customization is not fool-proof. You may have to either:

  1. Use code to change the parent of the group box
  2. Create the controls manually
  3. After copying, remove the tab stop, move it outside the boundaries of the group box and make Visible = false.

Thanks Jason - sounds as if it might be a better option just to create from scratch the new stuff.

Depending on the number of controls, yes. I personally never use that as I find later that it causes other issues I can’t control.

OK thanks for the advice - I’m new to Epicor :grinning: