Quote Entry - Quoted checkbox and Quoted date

I’m cleaning up the quotes in our system, marking old lost quotes as lost. To do so, I am having to:

  1. Uncheck the Quoted checkbox so I can edit form.
  2. On Tasks, Mark task Complete and then select Lose.

This then closes the quote and labels it as Lost.

However, this is also clearing the Quoted Date on the Header tab. I don’t like this… Is this intended functionality? To close a quote it clears the Quoted date? Or am I doing it wrong?

If I do it in DMT, it does not clear the date. I also can enable edits to the quote in Company Configuration. But I prefer not to… wondering what I’m missing?

Thank you

On the Quote Header check to see if there is a date set in the Expire Date.
Should be, if so, you can run the Quote expiration process which will mark all Quotes where the Expire Date is before today as Expired which in reporting will show as Lost. Obviously if the Quote was already Won it will not be expired.
Test this in your Test system… probably the quickest way to clean up old Quotes.
Then schedule the Expiration process to run each night or week.

Menu Location: Sales Management > Quote Management > General Operations > Process Quote Expiration


Thank you this helps with my cleanup. But moving forward, if a sales rep wants to close a quote prior to the expiration process, does s/he need to uncheck the quoted checkbox, clearing the Quoted Date? Is that intended functionality?

I believe you need the CRM license for this but we have a work flow that lets the salesperson mark the quote lost and select the reason without unchecking the “Quoted” checkbox.

Ron, So for you, if even if Quoted is checked, (which disables header/line fields), the Task options stay enabled?

Yes but only if you have access to the workforce the task is assigned to.

Man I’m just not seeing how to do that; it stays disabled. Any idea what we have wrong?



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If uncheck the Quoted check box does it let you mark the task complete then? Just wondering if it’s a company config issue or something else.

My apologies Terry, I was assuming because we are unable to print a quote marked as quoted that we could not make changes. After double checking it looks like we can. That being said maybe setting “Prevent Changes” to false and then adding a BPM that only allows you to expire a quote and nothing else could work?

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Hmm. I don’t love any of these options… Going to put in a ticket. Thanks for looking into this with me.

Epicor confirmed what I’m seeing is how it works by design. And that a customization is needed to resolve, eg prevent it from clearing the dates if Quoted is unchecked, or adding a custom function to the interface.

I added this issue as an idea… https://epicor-manufacturing.ideas.aha.io/ideas/KNTC-I-2544