Quote Gross Margin for Standard Cost Goods

I told someone this week to check user guides out so if this is in a user guide already please please let me know and I’ll look it up.

BUT, sales guy said, “hey I know what my standard cost is, but when I put in the quantity I’m selling of a part at the price I want to quote it at, profit comes out to 100% on the quote worksheet.” He knows it’s cause he didn’t pull the details, but this is a stocked good that’s pull from stock so pulling the details doesn’t make sense. There’s also a costing lot size at play for this good so he’d have to put the sales qty at the run size found in part plant to even get to his per roll profit, but then that defeats the whole purpose.

In short, is there something that gives you margin at standard cost on the quote given the price you have it at?

On Quote Entry Line Worksheet tab, those are all the standard fields. We added expected margin fields with customizations/BPMs.

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