Quote Salesperson issue

When anyone creates a new quote and selects “New Contact” it adds 2 salepersons in. 1 is the primary salesperson for the territory and the other is Jon Doe. It is always Jon Doe regardless of who creates the quote. We would like it to be the person who creates the quote. After a 45 min call with Epicor testing everything we got no where. Anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

They wrote it one way with one direction. I would say BPM would be your friend here

If I am not mistaken, it’s working as designed and they have documented how it works for the most part… it might take a few different user guides to fully understand that, but it does work the way they state it in most guides. There are some grey areas if I recall, but for the most part it works as designed.

Have you read the CRM / Quote Entry / Order Entry user guides?

I have not. I understand the primary salesperson for the territory is being pulled in but what gets me is why the 2nd person is the person that it is. If I disable him in Work Force then only the territory salesperson is pulled in and no one else.

is that 2nd person on the customer record?

Do you have the CRM module? Like do you see tasks on your quote?

Yes, I can see the tasks tab in quote.

No, the 2nd person is not on the customer record we verified that as well. It actually was the primary territory salesperson.

Is the 2nd person the person that has a role for the task?

Who is assigned to the task that’s on your quote right now?

The 2nd salesperson is assigned to the task.

For testing purposes with Epicor I am the only person assigned the role currently.


I believe that the 2nd salesperson has something to do with the role code needed for the task.

I would look into the tasks. It’s been 2 years since I last looked at it and knew it inside and out. And I only knew it for a moment. After that the sales VP left the company and so did the only person wanting to get tasks and CRM implemented. So I stopped caring too and forgot about the work I did.

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So currently the 2nd salesperson is assigned Accounts Payable where I am assigned Quoter but his role in a brand new quote is showing as Quoter under the salesperson tab and in the tasks tab…seems maybe something isnt updating?

Welcome to the task/CRM jungle…

If you figure it out will you let me/us know?


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