QUOTE: Separating the shipping and miscellaneous items from the main quote?

Does anyone know if it is possible to separate the shipping amount from the rest of the quote? Currently, our Epicor includes it with every other line. We would like it to be completely separate from the rest of the quote. See the attached file for an example of what we’re looking for.


Enter into Header Misc Charges.

That worked. I see it as a separate charge below. However, it’s not added into the Total Quote Amount. Is there a formula I need to make it add in there as well?

can you post your output here

Here’s what was on the quote formquote 1.pdf (208.4 KB)

You’d have to modify the Report.
Add a new formula field TotalWithMisc with the formula
{@SubTotal} + {QuoteMsc.MiscAmt}

Note: That might not work right if you have more than one Misc Header charge.
You might be able sum up all the QuoteMsc.MiscAmt in another formula first, if there is more than one per order.

I used the formula you suggested. When I ran the report, I received the following error.