Quote Tasks Assign to Current User

10.2.200 New to ERP so forgive me. We are trying to get Tasks to default to the user entering the Quote, regardless of who the Primary Salesperson is assigned to the Customer.

Bookings analysis etc used to be tracked on a per customer basis, but we are now shifting to individual metrics, and Sales has been changing the “Assigned To” value on the Tasks/Milestones manually each time. We would like to automate this process, but defeating the internal logic of the Task Set/Territory has proved difficult. I have tried playing around with the solution found here: Default Salesperson on Quote/Orders

But, I’m running into exceptions thrown by ICE method “ValidateReferentialIntegrity” Has anyone out there done something similar?

So what is it that you have tried so far exactly? In my head I’m seeing this as a method directive pulling a value from the Call Context values.

A pre-proc BPM on Quote.Update that checks for an update sets CallContext.CurrentUSerID to BPM Data Field Char01.

Then a small form script that sets the SalesRepCode row of the QSalesRP dataview to that BPMDataView. That part works for what it’s worth. But the rest of the built-in logic balks, says the the RepCode is invalid, and then ultimately assigns the primary Sales Rep on the Customer to the Tasks anyway. I’ve tried going in a turning off the methods that are doing this one by one with pre-proc exceptions, but Quote.Update is one of the culprits.

Are the employees who can enter a quote for a territory set? That is employee A, B, and C can enter quotes for territory X and employee C, D, and E can enter quotes for territory Z. Or is it the wild west and anyone can enter a quote for any territory?

You have to add them to Workforce and then add them as Territory Salesperson under the Territory. This will restrict them to their own territory.

Are you positive that your UserID’s match the employee id?

Closing this thread as I’m fairly sure you are correct here, although I have not had time to confirm.

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