Quote Worksheet Fields

I think it’s becoming clear that trying to calculate these on the fly isn’t going to work for us.
I think we’ll try the UD field route. Thanks for all the suggestions!

Aaron –

The fields on your quote worksheet are stored in the QuoteQty table (see: QuoteQty.TotalBurCost or the alike field name).

Based upon the quantity selected in the top left grid, the worksheet displays the corresponding total values if Auto Refresh is selected on the Actions menu.

The data that you are seeing in PartTracker is coming from the PartCost table for your Company & Plant settings.

The QuoteDtl table can link the Part referenced on the quote line to the Part Cost table. Confirm the Plant/Site CostID as you could have more than one if you are multi-site/multi-company. Your BPM should be able access both tables.

Hope this helps,

Calvin Dekker


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Hi Mario,

Could you please show how you calculate the labor and burden in the quote worksheet?

Thank you,

Burden Rate * QtyPer * ProdStandard
Labor Rate * QtyPer * ProdStandard

Thank you, Aaron. It works! I got the calculation right.

Where is the labour rate? I couldn’t find it in the mfg worksheet