Quoting vs Purchasing

Hello fellow listers,

Westwood Precision is a smaller sized company on Vantage. We have a
situation going on and I would like to see if I can get some advice
from larger companies that must have a handle on this situation.
Currently we do not use the RFQ module. We tried it when we first
went to Vantage (version 3 at the time), but found it too cumbersome
with little return for the investment required. Here is my
situation: Our quoting/planning department quotes materials,
standards, outside processes, etc at the time of the quote using
methods outside of Vantage. They choose prices from the group of
responses that are middle of the road for quoting purposes, and that
is what is entered into the quote in Vantage. All the documentation
is filed as a quote. My question is this: How do you communicate
the information obtained during the quote process to the personnel
doing the actual purchasing? We are finding that our purchasing
people are retracing the steps of the quoters and requoting
everything they are buying, or if there has been a price change on a
repeat order the purchasing people do not see it because it is a
piece of paper filed away and just go with history. Do your
purchasing people go into Part Maintenance (engineering workbench)
and make all the price changes?
What do large companies do to communicate this information? We are
in one building - how do multi-site companies handle this issue? We
have been debating it for some time and would like to get something
settled. Thank you in advance for your responses!! Please feel free
to contact me offlist as well.

Diane Rowberry
Westwood Precision
425-742-7011 ex 43