Is there a way to duplicate a previous quote from a part number. We seem to be requoting the the same part number.

There is a Duplicate Quote action on the Action menu inside Quote Entry. Is this what you mean?
You can use this to create a new quote from an old quote, but I’d be cautious about it if you use the configurator. We’ve had some odd glitches and have prevented the duplicating of quotes.

It appears it is an Action we do not have. Is there something else we can use? Right now we are manually checking price quotes line by line for a part we quoted 2 weeks ago and some of our quotes have up to 250 lines. This process takes way too long when we average 20-30 new quotes a day

In Opportunity/Quote Entry, bring up the quote you want to duplicate. Open the Actions menu, expand the Quote line, then select Duplicate Quote:


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