RaiseEvents on Deployed Dashboard

I’ve created a UBAQ and have set updateable fields to raise events using Advanced Column editor in the BAQ editor. Then I created directives to fire on the field update which appear to fire properly in the BAQ editor when I press the U(pdate) or V(alidate) button next to the field. However, once I create and deploy a dashboard using the UBAQ, I cannot get the events to fire when I update the fields. Am I missing something or is this possibly a bug in 10.2.300?


You sure the menu points to the deployed dashboard-assembly, and not the dashboard-runtime?

And you’ve exited and re-launched the client after updating the menu?

The menu item is tied to a dashboard assembly. I just closed and reopened the client and then opened the dashboard from the menu and it is still not working. Thanks for the ideas though… any other thoughts?