Random Podcast Recommendation

Those of you into Podcast Consuming may Enjoy Reply All
It is an amalgam of tech , pop culture, obscure geeky stuff and just plain old fun

This week’s Episode is Delightful

Another awesome one is when the host tries to find an Indian Phone Tech Support Scammer… and actually goes all the way to India to confront him

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Alright, I’m hooked! :fishing_pole_and_fish: I loved these and couldn’t stop listening to them. (Even Part 2 of the Long Distance one! :smile: )

And I loved this one too:

So interesting! I felt like I was listening to an episode of Person of Interest. :male_detective: :computer::phone:

Really cool! Thanks for sharing!

Yup @ERPSysAdmin PJ and Alex are awesome glad you enjoyed it. Also… that song… is so damn catchy

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Oh my gosh! I know! I would have certainly gone to those lengths to figure out who wrote it and where it came from. I’m so glad they figured out who wrote it because I would have laid in bed hearing it in my head and then started my own search to find it! :laughing: I like it too… :blush: It is something I would have listened to back then (and maybe even now). LOL :smiley: (But I was greatly offended, I like the chika-cherry-cola song! LOL)

And those guys are awesome! I cannot believe the lengths that they go to for their investigations! That’s what makes these so exciting! :smiley:

And a couple more “Where did that song come from?” podcasts: