RcvDtl Data Directive - Auto Print on Mass Receipt

I am trying to print receipt labels on an RcvDtl Data Directive. When receiving a line at a time, it works fine. When receiving multiple lines via Mass Receipts, it doesn’t behave as expected.

I am using some conditional logic to print different labels (Report Styles) depending on certain criteria (received to inventory vs job material, etc). But, I’m unclear on how the conditional logic behaves when there is more than one row in the Data Directive’s dataset.

I had hoped it would iterate the rows and check the conditional per row, but it seems like it is maybe checking the first row? Or all rows? I’m not sure, but either way it is not printing all the labels. It either prints nothing, or the first label to pass the criteria, then not the rest. The conditional logic flow seems to be good, because if I receive the items one at a time the labels print correctly, and with the correct report style.


Is it possible to do what I’m attempting with widgets, or do I need to find another approach?

Is it possible to call the Auto-Print Widget via a method in custom code?

Thank you