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By experience with other products or programming software, I prefer by far to stick with this one. This way, they can erase any post that they don't like... (I don't say that Epicor would have done it, but I can tell you that I've seen it...)


De: de la part de todd Anderson
Date: ven. 2005-09-16 18:39
Objet : [Vantage] As moderator - Please read -

Al / Jeff,

Let's see ... for a yearly fee we can join the "Official" EPICOR's User
Group ...

Quote: "EUG members get a discount to Perspectives that (almost) pays for
the cost of the membership"


If we all paid to join EUG then EPICOR would be happy to use THAT list to
work with all of us?

As opposed to the current situation where we have a ton of EPICOR employees
on the list that monitor the traffic while they are TOLD that they are not
allowed to post BECAUSE this is not an "Official" list?

At one point the argument by EPICOR for not posting on this list was that
Vantage customer's pay money for maintenance so they CAN call tech support.
Participating in dialogue on this list would be contrary to that arrangement

So I'll post it to the entire group - would you like to dissolve this list
and pay for membership to the EUG so you can participate in an "Official"
EPICOR user's group as opposed to this sometimes irrelevant, odd, peculiar

Do you like having a list that is independent of EPICOR?

Todd Anderson
Moderator # 2 of 3

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Subject: [Vantage] Re: 1,176 people on the list - ask away - it's FREE and
you don't have to buy a plane ticket !

[/Quote]> Years ago I suggested that EPICOR use the list to evaluate
suggested changes > to modules. Subject line: "EPICOR's proposed
changes to XXX module - What > do you think of these ideas?" Sure
would be nice to have 1,179 people > review this stuff BEFORE it
gets written. You would think that EPICOR would ---jump--- at the
chance of having a FREE way to tap into all of us for ideas. Some
companies actually PAY to have focus groups. How about a focus
group with 1,179 members who would LOVE the chance to be involved in
the future of this product!

This list is a possibility for 1,179 people to talk to each other
who will likely never meet in person. Personal opinion - we aren't
even using 1% of the potential for a tool like this. [/Unquote]

I'd like jump in here. My name is Al DeWitt and I am the current
Secretary of the Epicor Users Group (EUG). I, along with Jeff
Glaze, would like to invite you to consider the joining the EUG.
Why join the EUG?

- The EUG is the one user group officially recognized by Epicor.
- EUG members get a discount to Perspectives that (almost) pays
for the cost of the membership if you send one person and you
actually save money if you send two or more.
- Epicor Avanté users have developed a great network of SIGs and
are currently using that to prioritize enhancements to their
product. We would love to help get your SIGs organized and your
voice heard.

If you would like more information feel free to check our our
website: or contact me or the EUG Vantage
Liaison, Jeff Glaze.

Thanks for reading.

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