Re-Assign Serial Number To Assembly

Good morning, I am trying to enable ‘Re-assign Serial Number To Assembly’. I have serial tracking enabled and functioning on both parts. When I open the sub-assembly or top level assembly in the Engineering Workbench, the check box remains grayed. I cannot find any other information on this topic. Any help would be great. Thank you.

Hello Mike,

I’ve only seen that used with Jobs and not MOMs. We use it when an RMA is issued to a job and we want to keep the serial number of the component as the serial number for the assembly for when we ship the part back to the customer or receive to stock.

Mark W.


Thank you for the response. I have a serialized nameplate, which is on the top level BOM, it ultimately becomes the serial number for the top. Were you able to active that feature from the job?


Ok. I want to be able to use it, but I cannot get that box to be select-able. Info seems scarce, they only thing I found was pointing me to enabling it in the MOM, but I had no luck their either.

Hi Mike,

Our process is similar to Mark’s I believe, with RMA disposition to job and getting the reassign serial number to assembly for a repair job. For our case, the parent part being made for the job is the same part number as the part number getting put on the bom via RMA disposition to job.
Looking at help file, text seems to say that part number needs to be the same for this to work. Could this be the case? Perhaps what you’re looking for is lower level serial tracking?


from Help:

Reassign Serial Number to Assembly

If the job parent assembly is a serialized part number, and matches a serialized part number for the associated job material/subassembly, this check box appears as enabled. You use it to designate if the serial numbers from the job material/subassembly can be reassigned as the serial number of the parent assembly (top assembly or n deep subassembly) being reworked using the job.

  • Select the check box to allow the serial numbers of the materials or subassemblies that are issued to the job to be reassigned as the serial number for the parent assembly item itself. In this case, the Epicor application sets the Qty/Parent field to 1 for the issued materials and subassemblies, and disables the field to prevent manual entry of another quantity. The serial number that is reassigned to the parent assembly can then be used when:
    • Material is issued against the job (either individually, or as part of a mass issue) using the Issue Material, Mass Issue to Mfg or Issue Assembly programs. * Time is reported against the job operation (if the operation requires it) in Time and Expense Entry or End Labor Activity (Handheld). * The job is received to stock, another job or to salvage using the Job Receipt to Inventory, Job Receipt to Job or Job Receipt to Salvage programs. * The job is returned to inventory as miscellaneous material, or returned to an RMA using RMA Dispositions. * The parent assembly is shipped directly from the job using Customer Shipment Entry. * The serial number assigned from job material/ assembly as the parent’s serial numbers are available for selection in the Serial Matching program as the serial number of the parent assembly. In this case, the serial numbers from the job materials and assemblies are not required to be matched to the parent assembly.

Example: Product AAA, with an assigned serial number of 1234, needs be repaired or reworked. To do this, you enter a new rework job with a serialized job material part AAA, and parent assembly part number AAA (with the same serialized part number). When you begin the repair work, you issue serialized job material part AAA, and select 1234 as the issued serial number. When the repair is completed and you perform a job receipt to inventory transaction, you wish to reassign the same serial number 1234 to the repaired parent assembly item.