RE Receiving inspection Repost

Sorry, but we haven't had any problems like that. Don't know what
to tell you.

Rhonda S. Sherer, Purchasing Agent
Reeder & Kline Machine Co., Inc

Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 15:01:09 -0000
From: "Charles Metcalf" <cmetcalf@...>
Subject: Repost

I have not received any feedback on this question. Is there any help?

We are having a slight problem with incoming inspection. We receive
one part from a purchase order into inspection. The inspector than
inspects the part and it passes. We then go into inspection
processing, po receipts to process the part to inventory. We get an
error message that "the quantity of passed and quantity failed must
equal the received quantity". They do match, but we cannot get past
this point. This is sorta random. Any Help Available.

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