Reached my AR Invoice# format limit

My company has reached the AR invoice# limit of 7 digits. We now are in the 8 digit Invoice length. The system will generate a new Invoice# that is 8 digits, but we can’t type in a 8 digit # in any Invoice Number field because they are formatted to 7 digits. I have tried adding a longer format to Extended Properties for ARsyst/StartingInvoiceNumber and added a couple more 0’s to the Starting Invoice Number in Company Maintenance and rebooted, but the fields are still only 7 digits. Do I have to run a conversion or change something in the DB.?

I am on version 9.05.702 SQL Non-Unicode 64 bit

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve seen this before and epicor provided a fix. Basically, they changed all of the invoice numbers and did this everywhere the invoice number is referenced. I think they added the original invoice number in a UD field.
That was on vantage with Progress DB.

Has anyone else run into this issue? The system is generating new Invoice#s that are longer than 7 digits, but I can’t lookup any of those Invoices, because they exceed 7 digits. Nor can I do any adjustments or write offs, because I get an error message about the Invoice # exceeds the limit. So far, Epicor support is clueless to the resolution.

You should be able to open Extended Properties Maintenance for all the datasets that are complaining and extend the number of digits there… (its gonna be a fun ride, but doable I think)

Try it with a few first but it should work, if I remember correctly in 9 you have to make the change and then run the generate / update database model job… (I forget the name, but its the progress job that generates the new models same one you run when you add a UD Column)
Then restart the appserver.

Caveat: I stopped doing anything in 9 about ~6 years ago so memory is a little fuzzy

Been awhile since we were on E9, have you checked Extended Properties? What does the Default Format state? Try set the Format field to: >>>>>>>>9 (in a test DB of course)

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I have done that and restarted all the apps, but nothing has changed. I am unfamiliar with anything to update the database model. I am SQL and are you speaking of a job that is done with Progress?

There is a conversion or something it has been so long that you can run to update the “data model” when you add new UD Fields.

Looks like just recycling the apps does the trick. I did one and recycled the apps and it made the change for InvoiceNum for the Invoice Tracker. I made a BAQ that shows tables that have InvoiceNum and I am changing them one by one. I changed all the main ones and now changing other tables that have the InvoiceNum field. Pretty easy actually. When I made the change initially, the support steps were to change ARsyst table and that didn’t change the formatting for the InvoiceNum field. It is probably still needed, but the tables are needed to be changed too. FYI for anyone with same issue in E9. Good thing in E10 it is already extended to 9 digits from the get go

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