Reason Codes - Type & GL Control Code

We have a control on who can set up reason codes for Scrap, RMA, DMR, and Inv Adjustment types. It was explained to me by our Epicor consultants at set up that these types of Controls require a GL Control Code so that when they are used the system knows how to post a transaction to the General Ledger. However, I am getting requests from other departments to add reason codes for the purpose of entering labor transactions on the Scrap Qty field and the only way they can select a code is by using the Scrap Type of Reason code and they want to create Customized reason codes. Is there another Type in the Reason Code set up module that will allow them to see the code in the list when they are in Labor Activity so that we are not overwhelmed with many reason codes in the Scrap Type list that do not have a GL Control Code attached?

Not all of those reason codes actually have any impact on the GL
Scrap and RMA do not.

Scrap simply leaves the costs on the job
RMA receipt has no impact on the GL

Further, if you do not have a gl control set on the inventory adjustment, just as an example, the system will default back to the company default for inventory adjustments in the COSandWIP GL control code.

beyond that, I’m not really understanding your question on filtering reason codes to a specific list on the labor entry screens. I suppose this could be done with a UD filed, or naming nomenclature and then applying a custom filter to the scrap reason drop down on the particular labor entry screen of concern.

Most companies I have worked with have a fair number of scrap, DMR and Inventory adjustment reason codes. There is a practical limit to this as will an operator really go through 25 different codes to find the right one?

You can group like codes if you preplan them which helps in the listing mayhem.

Damage - Operator
Damage - Supplier
Damage - Machine

The GL control codes can all be the same for all the scrap type if you like so the multiple operator codes don’t all show up in the GL side.

Most companies I have seen get to 10 plus in a hurry.

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Hi, what is a UD Field?

yes, that was our intention at set up, to limit the number of reasons to the users. Our inventory manager said they should be putting information in the comments as to what the real issue is, instead of asking for so many codes that they get bogged down with searches for the correct one. I’m liking that option but I’m sure we’ll get excuses that it’s too time consuming.