Received but not Invoiced


We have some PO’s that were received in 2021 but they were never invoiced, I’ts been over a year for the most part for these, I’m not sure of the full story as these were before I got here.

I’ve been asked if there is anything we can do to remove these from the Received but not Invoiced Report, is there a way to tell the system to ignore these receipts or it is what it is because they are received from PO’s.

I am also interested in a solution for this. If you figure one out please let me know.

One solution is to create an invoice for the receipt and then a debit memo for the invoice. This will remove it from the Received Not Invoiced Report. However, this will not affect the original GL transactions associated with the receipt (PUR-STK, etc). If you have a Test environment run through the process and verify it does what you want. We keep several invoices on the RNI which were paid via credit card so that it balances to our AP Clearing.

1 method is to create an invoice with zero value. Pull the receipt on to the invoice then, create a negative header charge for the same value as the receipt back to the GL associated with the receipt.